Picking a Micro SD card and SD card reader

MicroSD card

A MicroSD card is a small memory card that stores all your data and the Learner’s Block software. MicroSD cards are available from a wide range of electrical retailers, supermarkets, eBay and Amazon.

Each Block requires around 3-4GBs of storage to hold the Learner’s Block operating system. You will then want to ensure there is enough space left for your own files.

Fortunately, 8GB tends to be the entry level capacity for memory cards, providing plenty of storage for most users and is our recommended minimum. An 8GB card will provide plenty of space for the Blocks software, future updates and your own files, while also providing some advantages in expanding the lifespan of your card when compared to smaller cards. Prices can range between $3-10USD.

We recommend not using cards over 32GB as compatibility issues may occur.

MicroSD card reader

Some laptops have built-in ability to read MicroSD cards, but if you do not, then you will need a MicroSD card reader to add the software to your Micro-SD Card. These can be found at local computer stores or online and usually plug in to the USB port of your computer.

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