Automatically Opening Files

Specify a file to automatically open when a user accesses its folder through the File Manager.

When you upload content to your Block, such as a web application, it may include folders containing large numbers of files and sub-folders. When a user accesses the content through the File Manager they risk being confused by which file it is they should open to begin using the uploaded application.

An example would be a web application with an index.html or index.php file. Alongside those files will be many other files you will not need the user to see.

Therefore, your Block provides the ability to specify a file to automatically open when a user uses the file manager to access the folder which it is stored within. Prefix the file you would like to automatically open with the string:


Only users that are not logged in to the Control Panel will benefit from the automatic opening of files. This is so that an administrator logged in to the Control Panel is able to access the folder and change the files.

Here are a few examples:

--auto-open.jpeg --auto-open-my-original-filename.php --auto-open_anythinghere.html

It is important to keep the original file extension on the end of your file. Otherwise, your browser will not know how to open the file.

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