Using an ethernet connection

Connecting with an ethernet cable avoids relying on the Wi-Fi chip in your Block, and will significantly increase the number of simultaneous users that can use the Block.

Some of the available hardware for running your Learner's Block has an ethernet port. This means you can use an Ethernet cable to connect your Block directly into a router in your home, office or school. Once plugged in:

  1. Give your Block a minute to register on the new network

  2. Connect your phone, tablet laptop or other device to the same router, either via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable

  3. Visit your Learner's Block just like before, using the URL in your browser

When connected to your Block via a shared Wi-Fi router, you will not be able to access the Wi-Fi connect page used to connect your Block to Wi-Fi networks. Instead, connect directly to your Blocks own Wi-Fi hotspot as outlined in the How to connect guide, and then access the Wi-Fi Connect page.

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