Connecting to a Wi-Fi network (Optional)

Your Block will work perfectly well offline. But if you have access to another Wi-Fi network nearby, connecting your Block to it can provide a series of benefits:

  1. Your Block can access the internet to fetch updates

  2. Your Block can handle more users connected simultaneously

  3. Your users will not need to be close to the Block to access it

In order to connect to a network, click the Settings toggle in the top right of the interface.

Under the Wi-Fi section, click 'Connect'

A new window will open displaying a list of available networks, and asking for a password:

Complete the fields and hit connect. After a short period, if you entered the details correctly, your Block will be available on your chosen network.

If you do not see the Wi-Fi network you are looking for, restart the Block and try again.

You can now access the Block by:

  1. Connecting your phone, tablet laptop or other device to the same network, either via Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable

  2. Visit your Learner's Block just like before, using the URL in your browser

If you entered the wrong password, your Block will soon reappear in your list of available Wi-Fi hotspots. Connect and try again.

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