Updating the Block

Automatic updates means your Block will keep going as long as you do.

Updates for your Block are downloaded and installed in the background automatically when:

  1. You first turn on a Learner's Block that already has Wi-Fi credentials stored inside, and is in range of that network.

  2. Your Block is connected to Wi-Fi for extended periods. Checks for new updates occur every 1 hour.

Don't worry, updates are sent out as little as possible to ensure you have a stable offline experience. Most users will never need to update their Block, unless they want to benefit from new features, or resolve an issue they have been experiencing.

When updates are installed, everything is done in the background in a way that you can keep working as normal. Most users will experience 30 seconds or less of interruption upon starting their device. Even if you lose power to your Block, we have you covered with a system built to avoid corruptions.

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